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Our Story

Great companies are built with the passion for making a difference. In 2007, emp was founded on this simple principle and driven by a woman’s aspiration to provide help to unemployed individuals and improve the skills of local professionals. To contribute to the improvement of the quality of life. This wasn’t easy, because in 2007, HR hadn’t yet gained local recognition. The emp founder was committed to ensuring the need for HR in the region. Through hard work, while building a strong team, she succeeded. "I started this venture at home while my family went about their daily lives, now emp has seven offices in Iraq.  It was a humble beginning, but I truly felt there was a great need for high quality HR and Recruitment, Real Estate and Event Management Services. I had realized this when I was in senior management roles in earlier times and this intention kept my motivation high." Founder and CEO of emp, Mrs. Talan Aouny. 

In the years that followed, emp grew organically through strong management and effective planning to become a leading business service provider. Today we are a recognized and respected brand, providing professional services that attract the best clients, employees, and vendors.

One of emp's assets has always been its dedicated and professional team."I chose my team with two main selection criteria in mind: passion for high quality and a sense of innovation. I am certain that emp clients, job seekers as well as our stakeholders can see this characteristic reflected in the services they receive." Founder and CEO of emp, Mrs. Talan Aouny.