About us Business Consultancy

Our Business Consultancy service is developed to give information to enable quick client decision making to your business strategy.  Such information is mainly related to organising and sustaining a successful business in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. We help business owners to make the best use of our information and give up-to-the-minute knowledge for clients to stay competitive within their markets.

The source of our information is our in-depth experience and dedicated experts, who are eager to work with clients to develop their businesses in the right way.

Given its wide and rich experience in the market and direct access to experts, emp is open to provide other business consultancy services, addressing client’s individual needs in the Kurdistan Region and throughout Iraq. Below are some of the customized services that we have provided to our client, based on our understanding of their needs, and custom-designed to address those needs directly:

  • Provide knowledge and market data to help clients benchmark and design competitive and effective Compensation and Benefits packages 
  • Manage client’s corporate tax settlements and financing and obtain tax clearance on behalf of the client
  • Review and develop Employment Contracts
  • Review and develop HRM Policy Manual
  • Payroll administration and financing services and post payroll service (Social Security and Personal Income Tax Settlement).